About the Hopatcong Pound Project, Inc.

The Hopatcong Pound Project was born from a compassion and need for the animals in our care . It started with myself and my partner meeting with our Mayor in June of 2011 , from there it became a reality in progress. We have made great strides since that day for the animals. Onto gaining approval from town council and following all guidelines to attain permit we continued on through the planning board as well in September 2011.

We are very fortunate in Hopatcong to actually have a pound and a great Animal Control Officer as well (Dale), without a pound the outlook for many animals is grim . No tax payer dollars are designated to care and up keep the animal pound , so it is up to us to be their voice and care for them as if they were our own. Yes , we are putting up a 24 by 48 foot building beside the current 55 year old pound and the Pound Project will continue on to improve the quality and standards of care for animals waiting for a forever home and those who may never find one. To all that have helped so far and those who will , we promise you that you are part of something great and making a huge difference for the animals and your community . The animals Thank you <3